• Launch Prime version of ATNetwork SMSCLub
    Aug 2003, Fast demand on Digital Contents on mobile phone created tremendous amount of request for better solution to deliver contents in more simple way, ATNetwork provide the answer with SMSClub5.

  • Re-Launch of ATNetwork SMSCLub
    Between 2004 to 2006, SMSClub become most known brand for Mobile content delivery system in Indonesia and Malaysia for offline retail downloads, by our customers support we continue to update and adding new features for each version of SMSClub.

  • Launch ATNetwork PhotoClub
    July 2006, Fast demand on Digital Photo Printing especially from Mobile Phones, produce ATNetwork PhotoClub, photo kiosk printing solution.

  • ATNetwork Adv. Tech. Sdn.Bhd
    June 2006, ATNetwork expand new market in Malaysia and bring better products and services.

  • Launch ATNetwork VoucherClub
    May 2006, ATNetwork VoucherClub special design for electronic voucher Authorized Distributor, complete solution for electronic voucher distribution.

  • Selular Magazine
    SMSClub 10 on March 2006 issue, bring latest solution closer to mobile downloads industry.

  • Launch ATNetwork SMSClub 10
    Launch 1 Feb 2006 new version of SMSClub support more than 450 phones DOUBLE from v.9 including new gadget type like MP3 player, iPOD, support ONLINE UPDATE, and many mores.

  • ATNetwork in China
    Starting in March 2011, we expand further to most lucrative e-commerce market in the world, China, with our experienced in digital distribution and e-commerce, we believe to have a strong welcome in China.